Getting a job can be hard.

To make your job search successful and less anxiety-provoking, there are common sense approaches that you should use. In addition to all of the new social media and technology, there are two key ingredients to an effective job search: your Resume and Networking.

This site provides you with free information to help you in your job search, along with a Resume Review Service. Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a senior professional, having an objective review of your resume can help make it more effective.

Want your resume reviewed?

Even with e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and other technologies — the resume remains the foundation of the Job Search. New people to the workforce need guidance on the content and format of their resume while those who have been working for some time need to have their resumes reviewed as they tend to lose objectivity after reading it over a period of years.

Key to the resume is getting the attention of the recipient and creating interest so that he/she wants to talk further with you. A recent CNN News Report stated that recruiters take about 6 to 10 seconds to review (not read) a resume to determine if they are interested. So, you have to get the reader interested as fast as possible.

Send me your resume. I’ll review it and get it back to you within three business days.The fee for a Resume Review is $75, payable by credit card through PayPal, who will bill you for the fee.

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